Many people cannot fathom planning out a 7-day trip, much less a 30-day trip. Of course, we can help with that but in this Blog, we give some ongoing advice to make your trip a success.

Let’s start with the season. This dictates not only what gets packed, but notably room availability, prices of modes of travel, and many other factors. Some places such as Hawaii tend to have similar pricing year-round as seasons are largely similar. Heading to Alaska is definitely seasonal! With many places not open during the Winter reduced transportation availability and yet pricing can be less on accommodations. Notably, Fall and Winter are the ideal times for the Northern Lights!

Someplace such as Antarctica are only open during their summertime and can only be reached by sea or by special arrangements.

So beyond timing – We plan to discuss, vaccinations, passports and visas, packing, weather, and many other aspects of planning.