Over the past 60+ years, I have been on over 50+ cruises, from large (say over 2500 passengers) to less than 100 (Expedition Cruise). These experiences lend themselves to helping people select the ideal cruise ship, cruise style, and class of cruise for them.

Most people don’t realize that cruising has many classes of ship, pricing, categories of cabins, and destinations. For example, if you were going to the Galapagos Islands only small ships with 100 or fewer passengers are allowed to cruise in this area. While these small ships carry fewer people you still have different classes – from very high-end to very basic…largely this dictates the cost.

On the larger ships, that carry many people and are represented by the large cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and others they not only have many classes of cabins but also have many packages you can purchase such as Soda and Coffee, Spirits, Specialty Restaurants. One can compare these offerings to the smaller cruise ships that may be all-inclusive. Sometimes the costs come out similar depending on your lifestyle and your expectations of what you want on your cruise.