So all of us have said if I could go to one place in the world where would I go? My wife and I after years of traveling actually sat down and made a top 10 list of places where we wanted to go. While some of the places were remote they evoked a sense of wonder and awe for the photographer in me. For my wife, it was a sense of curiosity and exploration.

We know of many people who return year after year to the same destination. They truly love these places, and often actually purchased a vacation home in these locations. Places such as Hawaii, the Caribbean, and others come to mind.

Some people have their “go-to places” and we are no different. We love Alaska, Hawaii, and various places in the Western States. BUT this is not the Bucket List!
Maybe you are into Volcanoes or Waterfalls? Or Hiking or Diving? Cooking or Eating? These may dictate what your Bucket List looks like. For us, it is the idea of exploring places where we have not been ..for me it is new places to photograph (take a look at my Gallery) so I had places like Antarctica, Galapagos Islands, Australia, and the Holy Land (as well as some major waterfalls). For my wife, she has some similar places but also included places like Mount Rushmore, Graceland, and Australia.

I encourage everyone to work on creating a list such as this to have something to plan for even it is not in the near term. Many people regret waiting till they retire to venture out on trips as they tend not to be as mobile as they once were. So maybe you have to save up to do one of these destinations earlier due to the physical nature of the trip…even these trips can be done on a budget!