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  • Great for Families
  • Great for Singles or Recently Married
  • Gives you insight to new destinations
  • Can last from 3 days to months and include close to 2000 Ports


Cruising is the best vacation value! There are cruise vacations to suit
every budget. Your cruise fare includes all meals, your stateroom, onboard
activities and entertainment, plus transportation from port to port (usually). You’ll
know what your vacation will end up costing you before you go. (Typically, your
only extra expenses will be drinks, optional shore excursions, and personal services
such as massage or hairstyling.) 

We can customize your cruise to include golf, photography expedition, or special excursions. We can also add air travel and airport transfers to your booking.

Cruise Variety
Boutique, luxury cruises with highly active itineraries; large, contemporary ships with a wide variety of facilities; classic vessels evoking the time-honored traditions of cruising; special-interest or exploration cruises specializing in unique destinations with a focus on education.
Move to “Freestyle Cruising”
This style of cruising is impacting many cruise lines in an attempt to remove the formalities of certain longtime cruise standards.  For example, dinner reservations under freestyle are eat during any sitting.  Formal night can be adhered to or not.  Tipping has been added to your credit card at the end of the cruise (removing the need for the envelope with cash) – one can go to the purser to adjust the tips!
Specialty Cruises
So you are into Soap Opera, Poker, Dancing, Music…  Cruising is the place for you.  Cruise lines have become an innovator in specialty cruises.  So if there is something special you are looking for let us know!