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About Us

Travel by DesignAt Wincor Travel, our approach to customer service is to ensure that all the “t’s” are crossed and “i’s” dotted. We double check each element of your trip so that you do not have to worry about a lost reservation, …. be it airline, cruise, tour, museum, or that fine restaurant in Paris.

We work with you to find out what your travel needs are. Perhaps you have a special needs passenger, or maybe you need help to organize details for a family of twenty. Whether planning a reunion cruise or just a driving trip down the coast of California…we are your full service Travel Consulting Company.

Why Choose Wincor?

Our Company focuses on communication, customer satisfaction and service with attention to all of those details that you ask us to include. We do the research for you, so you don’t have to spend the time comparing various options and combinations trying to find that “perfect” place, or tour. We plan your trip as if we were taking the trip ourselves. We have been traveling the world for over 30 years and would like to utilize that experience in helping you! Feel free to contact us to discuss your next adventure!

Our specialties include booking cruises and tours in Hawaii, Alaska, South Pacific, and we also design unique theme tours in Europe. We will book air travel only when it is tied to a tour or a cruise, or for custom travel in Europe. We work with airline brokers to book international air, and some tour packages which include air.

A Little Bit about our Background in Travel

This Company was started after frustration occurred on several family trips. It was formed after lessons learned from the missing papers, lost reservations, and the “you are Mr. and Mrs. Who?” challenges and disasters! Founder/Owners Steve and Maureen Wincor decided it was time to put the “S” back into Service and Support!

While we did all the research on the places we were going to it always turned out that we had more knowledge of the location than our Travel Agent or Tour Company. We added more skills to our years of travel experience by getting trained and certified in the Travel industry. The best way we can help you is as a friendly advisor, and we have several ways we can work together to get your travel plans in order. Our company takes the concept of providing all the typical services of a traditional Travel Agent, but we take it to a new level… Designing the Ideal Custom Trip you want, not just Consulting with you, but helping you organize all the invisible details required for a unique vacation. So why use our services?

At Wincor Travel, We Know Great Value

Through our research and travel industry contacts, we can offer you the best values in travel, with choices that fit your needs and desires.   We can help you  leverage the power of your travel dollars, while adhering to quality, service, and your unique travel goals.

Whether you are thinking of a trip that will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, it is smart to work with someone that takes the time to cover every detail for you…as the expert in that service.  It’s not much different than paying your local tax accountant or beauty salon for specialized service.  In our case we save you time and money.  Our fees are modest in comparison with others in the industry.

Choice and Convenience

We can provide quotes from a number of suppliers, or we can get you a quote from that little bed and breakfast you heard about from friends!  We all know that cheapest is not always best.  Since we deal with all aspects of travel, we are the one-stop solution for your travel needs…so you don’t have to waste valuable time comparing options as you make numerous trips to travel web sites, the airlines, and other supplier sites.

We Represent You!

We act on your behalf ahead of time to resolve any and all issues that could potentially come up.  And even though we triple check all aspects of your trip, we know there is always a chance of something going wrong when it comes to travel… Bad weather, cancelled flights, missed connections, lost bags… If there is an error that falls in your lap, we work with you to solve post trip issues.  Our family business represents your family!


As a Registered Seller of Travel, Wincor Travel offers you professional service and advice. We have been through extensive industry training to ensure that we leverage all the nuisances of the travel industry on your behalf.  As such we understand the small print and therefore can save you time and money. In particular, Steve Wincor is also a “Destination Specialist” for Alaska, Hawaii, and South Pacific. 

We’ve Been There!

We have been through the hassles of packing, finding a place to eat, and getting lost.  Our one-on-one service with you provides you the personalized touch from show tickets to dinner reservation to what beach to go to.  Our aim is to share our knowledge with you.

Trust and Commitment

Our commitment to you – We treat you like family.  We have access to supplier updates, promotions, and other options that are not always accessible to the consumer.  If we do not feel comfortable for any reason, we will tell you.  We always have you in mind as we carry out your plans with suppliers.  Because we are an independent, we work for you and not the supplier.

Consultant Fees

Our consulting fees allow you to access any portion of our services, comprehensively or a la carte. From travel and trip planning, to actually booking the various elements of the trip, you choose how we can best help you.  It’s your choice!  As an independent Travel Consulting service we can provide you with unbiased options for your trip.  We deal with airlines, hotels, tour companies and rental car groups on your behalf and ensure that all details are covered for you.

Steve and Maureen Wincor, Your Customized Travel Advisors

Steve Wincor is President and Owner of Wincor Custom Travel & Cruise Consulting.  Steve is a recognized “Destination Specialist” specializing in Alaska, Hawaii, and South Pacific destinations. MaureenWincor  handles the financial end of the business. Steve and Maureen have traveled throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the South Pacific. Wincor Custom Travel is a registered Seller of Travel.

Steve is a former Information Technology Engineer with a knack for detail. With his extensive travel background, and knowledge of information technology, he has a special advantage when it comes to providing a travel planning service.  Steve personally enjoys meeting and working with customers on the phone or in the home to plan out an awesome itinerary.  Steve has taken over 40 cruises and has detailed knowledge of shore excursions, the various cruise lines, and both family and physically challenged accommodations.